Service & Experience

With over 20 years of combined experienceour, Power tax Service, LLC will go to work for you to help you file an accurate income tax return. Sure, you can go to a cookie cutter income tax chains, but do you have any idea as to the level of experience you are getting. Are they a proven veteran? Are they committed to establishing the long term relationship that comes only from commitment and care for the individual situations of each of their clients or have they been trained in 3 weeks to know how to handle your income tax situation?

With tax law changing constantly, you deserve someone that will grow with you. Whether you only have one W-2 Form or you have a complex return with stock activity, business returns, rental properties, etc., we have the experience to prepare an accurate income tax return to ensure that you are either getting the refund that you deserve, or aren't paying more than you owe. We also are a year around tax office, offering bookkeeping, payroll, and consulting services.

At Power Tax Services, LLC - to ensure the most accurate tax service for our customers
, we make sure that all of our tax Service Professionals are constantly trained in the latest tax laws and have successfully passed all IRS testing and training requirements to accurately complete various forms and tax documents for our clients.


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