Free Tax Estmate/Review

We provide our new clients a complimentary review of their prior year's tax return. Based upon our past experience with existing clients, many of these reviews result in increased tax savings. While we don't guarantee these results for everyone, the fact is that many common deductions and credits are not fully utilized by the average part-time paid preparer or self-preparer, regardless of their use of tax preparation software.

Once we have completed the review, we will provide you our estimate of the total tax savings, if any, and an estimated cost to prepare the amended return(s).

If you believe you may have paid too much income tax, then let us provide you a complimentary review.

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At Power Tax Services, LLC, to ensure the most accurate tax service for our customers, we make sure that all of our tax Service Professionals are constantly trained in the latest tax laws and have successfully passed all IRS testing and training requirements to accurately complete various forms and tax documents for our clients.


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